At Gower Image Works we also offer an image editing service.  Maybe you have poorly exposed shots that need saving, or maybe you have a batch of photographs that all need a consistent look - whatever your need, we can handle the small and large batch editing for you.  Our service includes online hosting of your edited images for a limited time.

Prices from £0.35 per image.

  • We predominantly work with Adobe Lightroom, but also Adobe Photoshop where required.
  • We work with all the common file types such as RAW, jpeg, TIFF and even proprietary RAW file types such as those from Sigma cameras.
  • Your original file will not be altered - you will have a new copy with the edits delivered in jpeg or TIFF, in the highest quality and in the colourspace of your choosing.
  • A small additional fee will be assessed if results are required in additional sizes (for example, an image required at original resolution and also a compressed version for web hosting)
  • Although this service is offered as a secure online service, for larger or ongoing jobs we can provide edits on physical media such as CD-ROM, Blu-ray or USB drive.  We can also accept original media on these formats.